Egypt Receives Corvette and Submarine

Two new additions to the Egyptian Navy arrived to Alexandria on Wednesday.

The first Gowind 2500 corvette, named El-Fateh, as well as the second Type 209 submarine, S-42, have arrived in Alexandria to be commissioned into the Egyptian Navy.

El-Fateh had been handed over to the Egyptian Navy in September, while S-42 was handed over in August. The corvette was built by France and the submarine was built by Germany.

Ahead of arrival in Alexandria, both the vessels took part in a joint military exercise with the French Navy.

Egypt has recently embarked on a naval procurement program to boost its capabilities at sea. The country has in recent years commissioned a new frigate and two helicopter-carrier vessels from France. Egyptian officials are currently negotiating with Russia over the purchase of maritime helicopters for the helicopter-carrier ships.

Egypt ordered four Gowind 2500 corvettes from France in 2014. The remaining three in the order are to be built in Egypt, which construction on the first already ongoing. Egypt purchased four Type 209 submarines under two deals with Germany, and the first, S-41, arrived in April 2017.

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