MRO Robotics Enhancing Aircraft Inspections

by Matthew Beres, Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Analyst, Forecast International.

SR Technics recently announced a partnership with Invert Robotics to implement a robotics solution that will enhance its aircraft maintenance inspections. Developed by Invert Robotics, the robot explores airframe surfaces to assess required maintenance needs. 

A high-resolution inspection camera records and transmits video images to a ground-based screen, which are then analyzed by SR Technics engineers. The robot allows for both more efficient visual inspections and more detailed repair assessments. In addition, the new robots could potentially help reduce inspection time from hours to minutes.

The robot’s capabilities can be enhanced by adding functions such as ultrasound and thermography testing. ST Technics claims that robots will free up skilled aircraft engineers, so they can manage more complex tasks.

Free hands are certainly needed in an MRO market that is rapidly encountering overwhelming demand. Robotics, along with other booming technologies such as big data, AI, automation, and additive manufacturing, are the way of the future in MRO. There will still be business for the late majority – and even the technology laggards. But ultimately, it’s the innovators, early adopters, and the early majority that will come out ahead, leaving more risk-averse firms in good company with the Blockbusters of the MRO market.

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