Belarus Completes Overhaul on Uzbek MiG-29

Belarus’ 558 Aviation Repair Plant has completed the overhaul of an Uzbek MiG-29, Trend News Agency reported on October 25, 2018.

The news agency noted that the aircraft received a darker color scheme after overhaul. An image recently uploaded to plane spotter website showed MiG-29 tail number 20 white in its new color scheme.

Tashkent is reported to have contracted Minsk for the overhaul of four MiG-29s and four Su-25s in early 2017. Besides 20 white, at least one more Uzbek MiG-29 — 24 white — is already in-country undergoing work. Uzbekistan has plans to repair up to eight MiG-29s and eight Su-25s in total.

Last month, the Uzbek Ministry of Defense issued a press release showing several MiG-29s and Su-25s in Khanabad, Uzbekistan. These appear to be in a dark color scheme as well, though it is unclear whether that is an indication that those specific jets have also been overhauled.

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