White House Makes Formal Space Force Recommendations

Following a meeting of the National Space Council on October 23, the White House has officially unveiled its recommendations regarding the creation of a Space Force. The proposal includes six specific recommendations:

  1. Forming a United States Space Command to control our space forces and develop the tactics, techniques, and procedures for military space operations.
  2. Establishing the Space Force as a separate and distinct branch of the military whose mission will be to organize, train, and equip combat space forces.
  3. Calling on Congress to authorize the establishment of a Space Force and provide funding for the United States Space Command.
  4. Launching a joint review by the National Space Council and National Security Council of existing space operational authorities for meeting national security objectives, informed by DOD’s assessment of the authorities required.
  5. Creating a Space Development Agency to ensure Americans in the Space Force have cutting-edge warfighting capabilities.
  6. Creating collaborative mechanisms with the Intelligence Community to improve unity of efforts for the development of space capabilities and operations.

President Trump originally called for the creation of the Space Force in June 2018. The proposal has gradually moved forward under the leadership of the White House. However, the decision is still not finalized. Congress continues to study the issue and has asked the Department of Defense to provide more information about a variety of options, including establishing a Space Corps, or a joint Space Command.

Still, most observers believe something needs to be done to improve America’s strategy and acquisition process for space equipment. As the White House continues to push for a Space Force, that is the most likely outcome.

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