New AESA Radar for MiG-29 Completing Development

Manufacturer Phazotron-NIIR Corporation is soon to complete development of the Zhuk-AM AESA radar, according to Russian media.

TASS, citing a source in the Russian defense industry, reported on November 8, 2018, that the Zhuk-AM AESA radar will be completed before the end of the year. Once completed, the radar will be ready for installation onboard MiG Corporation fighter jets, like the MiG-29 and its derivative, the MiG-35. The source said, “In December we shall complete the radar and hand it over to MiG Corporation. An aircraft is ready to get it. I believe we shall begin trials of the system early next year.”

The source continued, “Several MiG-29 operators want it to be equipped with the radar. The Russian military want to install it also on MiG-35. There will be a contract and funds after the trials are completed. The whole process is to be completed in two years. We shall produce four prototypes and test them on aircraft.” The source did not indicate whether the contract had been signed yet.

According to the source, the first customer for the AESA radar may end up being a foreign operator of the MiG-29. Numerous countries around the world have imported the MiG-29 from the Russian defense industry.

Speaking of the radar itself, the source noted, “Run-to-failure time of a standard radar is 100-150 hours, while the new one has increased it to 500-600 hours.” The radar was first shown off in 2016. It reportedly can track up to 30 targets, six of which can be attacked simultaneously. Zhuk-AM reportedly carries a detection range of around 260 kilometers, Air Recognition noted.

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