Financial Fog Inhibits Development of Technology Allowing U.S. Soldiers to See through Obscurants

by Richard Sterk, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

In the midst of sequestration, the United States Army’s Chemical, Smoke and Equipment Defeating Technology program is experiencing budget woes. 

The program was set up to explore technology that enhances the ability of American forces to deter and defend against chemical and biological attacks, increases survivability through the use of enhanced smoke and obscurant capabilities, and solves critical light force deficiencies in order to defeat enemy targets, including non-lethal and flame/incendiary devices.

Indeed, over the past few years R&D has been focusing on infrared technology in a new millimeter wave that can “see” through the thickest obscurant. However, as the program is not deemed a top priority, its funding continues to be reduced whenever Washington faces a budget crisis – a common occurrence in recent years.

The Chemical, Smoke and Equipment Defeating Technology program will continue to take budget cut hits, with funding barely cracking $4 million during a good year throughout the next several years.

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