Sovershennyy Corvette Enters Service

Russia has commissioned a new corvette into service with the Pacific Fleet.

On July 20, 2017, the Pacific Fleet officially held a flag-raising ceremony to mark the introduction of Sovershennyy into service.

Alongside the event, Pacific Fleet spokesman Captain 2nd rank Vladimir Matveyev said,

“After a certificate of the corvette’s acceptance was signed by industry representatives and a solemn flag-hoisting ceremony was held, the warship became operational in the Russian Navy and entered service with the Pacific Fleet by order of the Navy Commander-in-Chief.”

He added, “The flag-hoisting ceremony was attended by representatives of the Pacific Fleet command, the shipyard, the regional administration and Navy veterans.”

Sovershennyy is the fourth corvette of Project 20380 and the fifth to be commissioned. The ship was laid down over a decade ago, in June 2006, at Amur Shipyard. It was launched in May 2015.

Captain Matveyev confirmed earlier this month that Sovershennyy had finished its state tests, clearing the way for the ship to enter service.

Prior to the ceremony, the corvette had been seen in Vladivostok.

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