Iraq Purchases T-90 Tanks

Iraq has been confirmed as a buyer for the T-90 main battle tank.

Izvestia cited the Russian presidential aide Vladimir Kozhin as saying on July 20, 2017 that Iraq had signed an agreement for T-90 tanks. According to him, “A significant contract for a large batch” of T-90s was inked.

Kozhin declined to say how many tanks had been purchased or what the delivery timeframe would be.

Earlier this month, manufacturer UralVagonZavod released its annual report suggesting that 73 tanks would be supplied to Iraq in 2017. Izvestia reported that this is only the first batch and that subsequent deliveries would occur.

Ruslan Pukhov of the Moscow-based Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies stated to Izvestia that the contract value could exceed $1 billion and see Iraq acquire hundreds of T-90s.

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