Gromkiy Floated Out

Russia has floated out a new Project 20380 corvette.

Amur Shipyard, in Russia’s Far East, floated out the newest Project 20380 corvette, Gromkiy, on July 28, 2017. The vessel was first laid down in 2012.

The governor of Khabarovsk Region, Vyacheslav Shport, said at the ceremony, “Exactly a week ago we handed over the Sovershennyy corvette to the Navy. It passed all test trials and is on combat duty now. Today we launch a new corvette – the Gromkiy.”

Sovershennyy, commissioned last week, is another vessel of the same class.

Amur Shipyard is building four corvettes for the Russian Navy. The shipyard will deliver one each year over the coming years.

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