NIMR Automotive Markets RIV to Foreign Customers

The United Arab Emirates is marketing its Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) to both neighbors and eastern European countries.

IHS Jane’s reported on August 8, 2017 that representatives from NIMR Automotive confirmed that development of the RIV targeted interoperability with Gulf neighbors.

The RIV is able to be transported by CH-47 heavy-lift helicopters, which are in service with the Emirati military as well as the Saudi military. NIMR confirmed to IHS Jane’s that the design of the vehicle took the CH-47 into account.

The vehicle is able to be deployed rapidly on diverse terrain to deal with contigencies. It can equip multiple 12.7mm machine guns and can reach speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. The RIV is ideally suited for special operations missions.

NIMR is also working to market the vehicle to eastern European States. To do so, the firm is partnering with VOP, a Czech firm, to configure the RIV with protection meeting NATO STANAG 4569 standards. Furthermore, NIMR is adapting the European variant so as to be able to perform in cold or wet climates.

According to IHS Jane’s, NIMR is currently negotiating with a potential eastern European customer for a vehicle, though it is unclear if the two are discussing the RIV or another model of vehicle. In partnership with VOP, NIMR has also marketed its Ajban 440A to European customers.

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