T-90 Deliveries to Iraq Soon

Iraq will soon receive its first batch of T-90 main battle tanks.

Speaking to Sputnik International on August 14, 2017, Russia’s Ambassador to Iraq, Maksim Maksimov, confirmed that deliveries would be occurring soon, without specifying the timeframe.

He stated, “The deliveries of T-90 tanks to Iraq will begin soon in accordance with the previously signed contract. Negotiations on other sectors of defense industry cooperation are underway.”

The Russian ambassador specifically emphasized Russian support for Iraq’s military.

He said, “We always said on all levels that we are ready to provide comprehensive support to our Iraqi friends in boosting the military potential of the Iraqi army and security agencies, equipping them with the latest military equipment.”

Using a pejorative term for the Islamic State, the ambassador added, “Iraq has been making a significant contribution to the elimination of Daesh terrorist group. Carrying out a large-scale counter-terrorism operation in Iraqi territory, the authorities create the conditions for the eradication of the terrorists’ bases in Iraq and for the weakening the capacity of Daesh in Syria.”

Last month, Iraq was revealed to be a buyer for the T-90 in a report released by manufacturer UralVagonZavod. At least 73 tanks will be supplied this year, with more to be delivered thereafter.

It is unclear precisely how many tanks Iraq will receive in total.

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