Algeria Purchased Russian BMPT-72s

Algeria has reportedly placed an order for a number of BMPT-2 ‘Terminator’ armored vehicles from Russia.

Citing Pravda, defenceWeb reported on September 11, 2017 that a contract had been signed in April 2016.

It is unclear how many vehicles were ordered, though Mena Defense asserts that up to 300 may have been purchased. Deliveries of the BMPT-72s may begin in the first quarter of 2018 and last through 2019.

The BMPT is based on a T-72 chassis. The armored vehicle has two 30mm 2A42 cannons, two 30mm AG-17D automatic grenade launchers, one 7.62mm PKT machine gun, and four 9M120 ‘Ataka’ anti-tank guided missile launchers.

The vehicles are designed to provide protection for tanks. Algeria has purchased several hundred T-90As, the first delivery of which occurred in late 2015. The BMPT-72s will protect the T-90s.

Russia has recently promoted the BMPT-72. Russia Defense Ministry official Alexander Shevchenko said last week that both Israel and Syria had shown interest in the BMPT, without further specifying what that entails.

BMPTs have been spotted in Syria, confirming that several have been deployed as part of Russia’s military operation in that country.

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