T-90M Deliveries Set for 2018

Russia will begin receiving the newly modernized T-90M main battle tank in 2018.

Speaking to Tass News Agency, UralVagonZavod CEO Alexander Potapov said in reference to the T-90M, “We are not disclosing numbers [of modernized tanks], but we have signed a contract on supplies with the Defense Ministry.”

These will be delivered some time in 2018, according to Potapov.

Omsktransmash, a subsidiary of UralVagonZavod, noted last month that it had received a contract for the modernization of T-80 tanks. Igor Lobov, the firm’s general director, noted that the contract would see deep modernization of the tanks and improve Omsktransmash’s economic position. He did not discuss what upgrades would be undertaken.

The tank is currently in state trials.

The T-90M, unveiled earlier this year, is intended to replace aging T-90 models in Russian service. The upgraded tanks feature Relikt explosive reactive armor and the Shtora-1 missile countermeasures system.

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