Sudanese FTC-2000s Enter Service

Sudan has received its six FTC-2000 fighter-trainer aircraft.

The Sudanese Ministry of Defense announced on May 16, 2018, that it had taken delivery of FTC-2000 aircraft, which can be used in the fighter or trainer role.

Sudanese Lt. Gen. Kamal Abdul-Marouf Al-Mahi, who was appointed as the chief of joint staff earlier this year, attended the inauguration ceremony, as did deputy chief Awad Khallafallah Merawi, other officials from Sudan’s armed forces, and China’s military attaché. The Sudanese military noted that these jets will enhance the Air Force’s capabilities moving forward, and praised Sudanese-Chinese military relations.

It is believed that all six aircraft were transferred. Photos released by the Ministry of Defense on its social media page confirmed that aircraft numbers 1201, 1203, 1205, and 1206 were in Sudan; presumably the other two — 1202 and 1204 — are there as well.

Khartoum contracted China for six of the two-seat aircraft in 2016. These were first spotted in June 2017, when they were rolled out at the Guizhou Aircraft Industries Corporation’s plant.

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