New Industrial & Marine Turbine Market Research Tool Available

by Stuart Slade, Senior Naval & Marine Power Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

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Forecast International has introduced a critical new upgrade to the Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast module of its Platinum Forecast System.  With this latest update, the Platinum Forecast System, Version 4.0, now provides forecasts of total additional annual installed capacity.  Now, users can see three vital statistics projections for the industrial and marine turbines market – unit production, value of production, and total capacity of production – over the next 15 years, plus historical data stretching back 10 years. 

The clarity this update adds to projected investment patterns over the next 15 years is remarkable. With this capacity analysis, we can see how the various power output classes will stack up against each other over the next 15 years.  This is vital information for those making investment decisions, now and in the future.

The new installed capacity forecasts are also available for marine gas turbine propulsion units, mechanical drive gas turbines, microturbines, and steam turbines for combined-cycle units.

Very clear patterns emerge from a study of installed capacities in all of these areas.  The patterns of output capacity are evolving within a complex and changing market.  This is leading to some radical shifts in procurement policy as market drivers push turbine manufacturers and their customers in different directions.

The new data raises questions over the accuracy of some widespread perceptions within the industrial and marine turbine sectors. It shows that the constantly rising demand for electrical power across the world is currently being addressed by the progressive adoption of more powerful generating machinery.  At the moment, 62.9 percent of new capacity being installed is represented by turbines in the 250-500-MW sector.  What is surprising is that by 2032, this percentage will have dropped to 58.7 percent, with the difference made up by still more powerful turbines in the 500-750-MW sector.

Projected Installed Capacity Market Share by Power Class

The Platinum system comprises a powerful relational database that accepts data continually from Forecast International’s staff of analysts.  Unlike previous systems, in which data is current only as of the date that it has been posted, Platinum provides virtually instant response with current data.  It is an online system that allows clients interactive access to and control of data within minutes after it has been entered into the database.  To place this into perspective, if one of FI’s analysts updates a forecast or other data, the system recalculates all aspects and places the data in the hands of a client thousands of miles away within minutes.

See Platinum in action here:


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