Russia to Procure Nearly 100 Mi-28NMs

Mi-28. Image

The Russian military will acquire nearly 100 Mi-28NM attack helicopters.

A military source told RIA Novosti on June 11 that the Defense Ministry can be expected to procure 98 Mi-28NMs under the current state armaments program, lasting to 2027. The source did not offer further details.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered in May that around 100 Mi-28NM attack helicopters be delivered to the military over the course of the program as part of the military’s effort to modernize its forces. He emphasized the importance of the Russian deployment to Syria in helping the defense industry to identify necessary adjustments for Russia’s systems.

The Mi-28N has been deployed to Syria, and earlier this year reports emerged that the modernized NM version had also been deployed.

Russian Helicopters produces the Mi-28NM. In February, the Defense Ministry indicated that the unit cost of the Mi-28NM (not specified) was too high, and suggested that the aircraft might not be procured. By March, the dispute appeared to be resolved, as Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said that the Defense Ministry and Russian Helicopters had come to an agreement on the cost.

Krivoruchko hinted that there would be a large contract for the Mi-28NM, as well as the Ka-52, another attack helicopter. Russia may procure as many as 114 Ka-52s and plans to sign a contract for those helicopters next year.

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