Uzbekistan Procures Additional AS532s

AS532 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Image

The Uzbek Air Force appears to have placed a second order for AS532 helicopters from Airbus.

Over the past year, the Uzbek military seems to have introduced new AS532 helicopters into service, suggesting a follow-on order from the initial contract has been placed. Tashkent is reported to have signed for eight AS532s, as well as six AS550s, in 2013. These have all been delivered, and another three seem to be in service as of this year.

The helicopters under the initial contract bear the numbers 201 through 208 and have been seen participating in various training exercises throughout the years as the Uzbek military drills for various missions.

Over this past year, however, three helicopters – bearing the numbers 209, 210, and 211 – have been spotted in the country, suggesting  a follow-on order was placed. It is not presently believed that the Uzbek military renumbered any of the original AS532s.

At least 11 AS532s are now seemingly in service, though there has not been any official confirmation of an additional deal. It is thus not evident how many helicopters were ordered or when the deliveries should be completed. Financial details have not been disclosed.

The Uzbek government has continued to show interest in Airbus products. Earlier this year, the country inked a memorandum of understanding that might see it acquire nearly three dozen helicopters – reported to be all AS550s – from the European firm. Some, if not all, of these are reported to be destined for use in civilian roles rather than for the military.

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