This Week in the Russia-Ukraine War (December 29)

A snapshot of recent news from sources around the world on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

155mm artillery shell. Image – General Dynamics

Political Developments

Facing dwindling aid, U.S. and Europe eye potential Ukraine talks that may require territorial concessions.

Military Assistance to Ukraine

The United States has announced a new military aid package for Ukraine.  This package is worth up to $250 million.  Among the equipment the U.S. will deliver to the  Ukrainian military are aerial munitions, artillery, anti-armor weapons, ammunition, and medical equipment.

Battlefield Updates

Russia is set to deploy its new 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV (Coalition-SV) self-propelled artillery system.  The howitzers are equipped with a 152 mm 2A88 cannon with a firing rate of more than 10 rounds per minute and a modern system for automating the processes of gun pointing, target selection and navigation.

The Ukrainian Air Force has carried out another attack on a Russian warship.  The operation took place on December 26.  Ukrainian tactical aircraft fired cruise missiles at Feodosia, a port city on the on the eastern side of Crimea Peninsula.

Russia launched one of its largest aerial attacks of the war against a variety of targets on December 28.  Officials reported that 122 missiles and 36 drones targeted six cities throughout the country. The Ukrainian air force said it intercepted 87 missiles and 27 of the Shahed-type drones.


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