Forecast Roundtable, Inaugural Podcast

By Matthew Beres and Richard Pettibone, Forecast International.

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And now for something a little different.  Welcome to Forecast International’s first podcast, dubbed the Forecast Roundtable.  Each podcast will feature several analysts discussing various aerospace and defense-related issues.

For our opener, we are discussing a resurgent Russia and the impact it is having on Europe and the Middle East.  Featured in this discussion are staff members DANIEL DARLING and  DEREK BISACCIO.  Dan is the analyst for our International Military Markets Europe and IMM Asia, Australia & Pacific Rim services. Derek is the analyst for our Middle East & Africa and Eurasia products, in addition to contributing to the International Defense Budgets service.

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PodcastButton100:15 What prompted the Russian intervention in Syria and what effect does it have on the balance of power in Syria in and the region going forward?

01:20 How serious is Russia going to be on drawing down its forces?

02:00 Is the drawdown, even if it’s something on power, going to affect the balance of power in the region?

03:03 How are Russian actions in the Ukraine forcing a rethink of European defense policy?

04:00 Does NATO come into play? Are they going to be effective security balancers in terms of keeping Russia in check? Is it going to be more substantial or is it going to continue to be more symbolic?

05:45 Is there any momentum towards Finland and Sweden joining the alliance?

08:29 Is the Russian defense industry benefiting from use of its wartime material in these conflicts? Is it going to see an increase in exports? Is it going to help an industry that has been struggling since the Cold War?

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