Egypt to Assemble T-90 Main Battle Tanks

T-90 tanks will be built in Egypt under a license-production agreement.

In its 2016 report, UralVagonZavod announced that it will build a facility for the licensed production of T-90S main battle tanks in Egypt.

UralVagonZavod highlighted “works on territories of foreign states to create facilities for complex maintenance and repair of previously supplied equipment, including implementation of projects to create joint ventures with foreign contractors.”

One of these projects pertains to “work on a project to create an enterprise to assemble T-90S/SK tanks under a license with Contractor 818.” The number refers to Egypt.

UralVagonZavod did not state how many tanks would be produced under the agreement. Last month, rumors emerged that Egypt would order between 400 and 500 T-90 tanks for local assembly.

In addition to Egypt, UralVagonZavod will supply T-90s to Iraq (73 tanks) and Vietnam (64), according to the report. The Russian company also intends to establish post-sale T-90 maintenance facilities in Algeria and Kuwait.

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