Russian Navy Receiving Over Half Dozen Submarines

Russian Borei Submarine Vladimir Monomakh.  In 2019, submarines of an upgraded variant, Borei-A, are to begin entering service with the Russian Navy. Source: Russian Ministry of Defense

The Russian Navy is preparing to receive a number of submarines over the next year.

Speaking to reporters on September 9, 2019, Sevmash Shipyard Director General Mikhail Budnichenko said that nearly half a dozen nuclear submarines should be delivered through the end of 2020. He said, “We will deliver one nuclear sub this year and four more  next year, strictly in line with the contract.” These include two Project 955A Borei-A submarines, two submarines from the Project 885M Yasen-M class, and a special-purpose nuclear-powered submarine, he indicated.

One of the Project 955A Borei-A submarines – Knyaz Vladimir, the lead vessel of the modernized variant – should be commissioned this year, while another, Knyaz Oleg, will be received in 2020. Kazan and Novosibirsk, the first submarines of the modernized Yasen-M class, should be delivered in 2020, along with the special-purpose submarine Belgorod.

Over the coming years, the Russian Navy should “get ten nuclear-powered submarines of Projects 955A and 885M by 2024,” Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said.

In regard to Belgorod, Budnichenko stated, “The vessel has already begun trials.” It should be launched on June 15, 2020, and be accepted into service no later than September 2020. The submarine will be a carrier for one of Russia’s “March 1st” strategic weapons, the name for a set of advanced weapons unveiled by President Vladimir Putin in March 2018. Belgorod will be able to deploy the Poseidon, an underwater nuclear drone.

Furthermore, the first of the Project 636.3 Kilo submarines for the Pacific Fleet, Volkhov, is to be delivered in 2020, along with Kronshtadt, a Project 677 Lada class submarine.

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